Hougton Internet Consulting Small Business Web Site Solutions
Houghton Internet Consulting Small Business Web Site Solutions

Since 2002, Houghton Internet Consulting has been providing web design, development and hosting as well as email hosting, search engine optimization, tutoring and computer upgrade/repair services to small businesses in South Shore, Massachusetts.


In addition to providing small business solutions, we also provide the same services to the general public. Do you have a computer that has slowed to a crawl? Do you want to publish pictures online so friends and family can see them? Do you want to better understand how to use your computer? Do you want to create a family web page? Do you have a wireless network and want to ensure that it is secure? Give us a call, see our Contact Us page.


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Business Web Hosting Package
10 Email Addresses
500 meg web space
FTP & Frontpage Access
Register new or Transfer existing Domain
$130 per year